• Image of clay circle garland {set of 6}
  • Image of clay circle garland {set of 6}

a gorgeous simple white clay circle garland - hang it around your Nest, wrap it around a gift or use each tag individually to tie to a gift or write a little message upon..

Each tag measures approx 3.2cm & comes as a set of 6 tags tied upon a length of natural jute twine

my adorable little mud tags can be used to -
*tie to a gift & write a message upon
*adorn your table setting
*tie around a bunch of flowers, jar of homemade treats or homebaked sweets
*decorate a vintage or wine bottle, jar, tin, vase, candle
*write messages on {i love to use gel pens}, tie with gorgeous ribbon & hang & decorate anywhere!

love & share a little bit of mud♥

each tag is individually handmade with white clay, please appreciate each tag will be slightly different.

tags are left unglazed so you can write little messages upon & also gives the smooth natural clay texture i love♥